Want To Increase Internal Memory In Android Mobiles and Tablets How. Just Follow few steps so you can increase your Internal Memory In Android devices.Means Swaping External Memory To Internal Memory

Increase Internal Memory In Android

What Are the advantages and benefits By Increase Internal Memory In Android Mobiles and Tablets You can Install heavy apps in you android mobiles those who hve less internal memory and it makes you device fast.

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Increase Internal Memory In Android: 

Requirements To Increase Internal Memory In Android :  

  1. Your mobile/tablet must be rooted.
  2. Mobile/Tablet must be charged at least up to 70% 
  3. Memory card 2Gb above only
  4. Download Link2SD app on the deviceFrom Play Store
  5. You make Backup your memory card. 

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Steps To Increase Internal Memory In Android :  

  1. First switch off your mobile and boot into recovery mode for Partition of Memory Car
  2. Select advanced option.
  3. Th next Step you do that go to partition sdcard
  4. You Can Select ext size but It should be less than your memory card size and Memory card is 2Gb above only.It will take few minutes for partitioning SDcard.After successful partitioning of sdcard select +++++go back+++++ then reboot system now
  5. Now Download Link2SD app from the play store.
  6. Grant superuser permission for this app.
  7. Superuser permission it will ask to choose file system of your second partition.
  8. After This Select ext2 format.
  9. Confirm the file system, it will ask to restart your phone.
  10. Restart Your phone and open Link2SD app
  11. Select filter option and the on internal.
  12. You will see all the apps from internal memory.
  13. Select options-> multi select. Select the apps that you want to move on that internal memory.
  14. Choose action and then create link.
  15. Select all 3 options i.e. Link application file, Link dalvik cache file, Link library files. Then ok.
  16. It will take few minutes for creating link to this partition.
  17. Finally select ok. Now your all apps are moved to this partition.
  18. Now in order to link every new app that you will download to this partition, select options and then auto link.
  19. Now henceforth whenever you download app from the play store, it will get saved in this partition